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From Shopify Expert: Invoicing Orders on Shopify Using This 1 Simple Method | Honey Whale


From Shopify Expert: Invoicing Orders on Shopify Using This 1 Simple Method | Honey Whale

November 23, 2021

So your store is set up and you're starting to get sales. And you start wondering how do I print out the invoices for these orders? Surprisingly, you cannot actually directly print invoices from Shopify. In this article we will look at all things invoices in Shopify, starting with how you can provide your customers with invoices.

Adapt your store's email notifications to make them more like an invoice. Requires HTML skills. Make the order notifications emails like invoices

This option works if you just need your customers to receive something resembling an invoice. When a customer passes an order on your Shopify store, they are automatically sent an email confirming the order. It's close to an invoice but it's missing a few key elements like your business name, address, company registration number, tax number, etc. Depending on where your business is based, you may have slightly different requirements. These details can be added in the Settings > Notifications section of your admin. In order to be able to use this solution however you need to be confident with HTML.

Use an app to print invoices

If adapting the notifications doesn't work for you, the next option is to add an app to your store that you can use to print invoices. You may already be using, or be planning to use software that can help you with this process:

Use your accounting software (Quickbooks or Xero) - If you are going to use an accounting package then you will be able to print your invoices directly from that software. You can synchronise your sales from Shopify to several accounting packages or services. Quickbooks and Xero are the best known.

For simple invoices with a very basic layout, the Order Printer app does the job and is free.

Order Printer app (free) - With this free app from Shopify, you can easily print out invoices or packing slips for either a single order or a selection of orders. You can customize completely both the design and the language used in the invoices. It's a good basic app however there are limitations: the templates are pretty ugly; you require HTML skills to improve them; and customers cannot access these invoices.

Purchase more attractive templates to use with the Order Printer app through the Order Printer Templates app.

Order Printer Templates app - With this app, you can purchase professionally designed templates to use with the Order Printer app. There are templates for: invoices, packing slips, returns forms and gift receipts. You can easily: incorporate your logo; customize colors and fonts; translate text and formats; integrate address labels on your invoice; and all this with no HTML involved. You can also install the app, customize your template before committing to purchasing the template. All in all an excellent option. The first template you buy costs $29 and then any others you buy will be at half-price.

Order Printer Emailer app (free) - If you're using the Order Printer app, this free add-on app enables customers to download their invoice in PDF format direct from the order notification email. In the app, you create the download link and then need to insert it into the order notification template in your store's settings. This does require some HTML skills. You can use the free invoice template from Shopify, or you can use a template purchased through the Order Printer Templates app.

Providing a complete invoice solution in one single app, Sufio Invoices is a truly international app.

Sufio Automatic Invoices app - With this app, customers are automatically emailed their invoices, and you can also print out invoices for a single order or a selection of orders. With some changes to your theme, the invoices can also be made accessible from the customer account in your store. The invoices are available in 20 languages and compliant with laws in 50+ countries. You can incorporate your logo. Although there is currently only one invoice template that cannot be customized, a choice of beautiful customizable templates are on the way in the next few months. For European stores, a key feature is the ability to capture business customers' VAT numbers from the registration, cart or checkout process, and then automatically make their orders tax-exempt. Available in three plans: $9, $19 and $49 per month. The starter plan at $9 is only if you need to print the odd invoice, while the other plans offer unlimited invoices and other features.

For stores with more complex document requirements, the OrderlyPrint app is an excellent option.

OrderlyPrint app - Print out invoices, packing slips, picking lists and labels for an individual order or up to 250 orders at a time. With a simple interface, you can easily customize the templates to: incorporate your logo, colors and fonts; and edit all visible text, formats, etc. You can print address labels using 100+ label formats. Using very basic HTML skills, order notification emails can be updated to include a link to download an invoice in PDF format. Aside from printing documents, you can also fulfil orders in bulk, and export order details for importing into your shipping or accounting software. This app has many features that help more established stores work more efficiently. Two plans are available, costing $19 or $29 per month.

Printout Designer app - Print invoices, picking slips and labels for single orders or a selection of orders. Use an advanced editor to design your documents and integrate any conceivable data from your store. You can create any documents you require relating to your orders and products. A powerful tool for technically-minded users. Plans at $7.99, $19.99, $49.99 and $79.99 per month based on your order volume.

Invoicify - Print out invoices for single orders or a selection of orders. Choose from a selection of pre-made templates or create your own with your HTML skills. Plans at $9.99, $19.99 and $79.99 per month depending on order volume.

It's easy to email and print invoices and other documents with the Easy Invoice+ app.

Easy Invoice+ - Print invoices, packing slips, shipping labels and return labels for a single order or a selection of orders. Invoices can also be automatically emailed to customers after they pass their order. Choose from a selection of pre-made templates that can be customized using a simple interface. Or create your own templates using a more advanced drag and drop editor. You can also create pro forma invoices. Costs $19.95 per month.

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