BobGo have simplified those aspects of your online business that traditionally take the most time and effort with our shipping and order management features. By saving you time and money, you can concentrate on the most important aspect of your business – sales!


Bob Go is Honey Whale's Exclusive Partner for Logistics on eCommerce Platforms like Shopify.

What makes BobGo unique?

Smart shipping and order management solution

Bob Go makes shipping easier, so you can focus on growing your online business. By automating and streamlining all your fulfilment processes, Bob Go can save you time and money. Select from multiple courier quotes, generate one-click shipping labels and provide your customers with tracking notifications. With Bob Go, ecommerce merchants can now deliver even better customer service.

Built for the South African eCommerce Store

Rates at checkout

Rates at checkout is a Bob Go feature that allows accounts to set up shipping rates that will be charged to their buyers at checkout. These rates will be configured based on certain criteria and can be set up as dynamic and/or fixed rates for different service levels with other specific requirements.

Built to adapt.

Rule engine

The Bob Go rule engine is a powerful tool that enables users to streamline and automate their order processes. Rules perform automated actions on orders when certain conditions are met.  Multiple conditions can be specified per rule, giving users better control over their fulfillment processes.

Offer your users the fastest, cheapest option - every time.

Meet the courier partners

BobGo believes in offering their customers excellent service in addition to the best rates possible for national delivery anywhere in South Africa. That is why the courier partners are carefully selected for integration with Bob Go.

You do not need to open an account with every courier partner in order to use their services. Instead, automatically gain access to all these couriers simultaneously by signing up for an account on Bob Go!

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