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Introducing Shopify Inbox: Easily Manage Conversations & Turn Browsers Into Buyers


Introducing Shopify Inbox: Easily Manage Conversations & Turn Browsers Into Buyers

October 15, 2021

Conversations are critical to commerce—70% of Shopify Inbox conversations are with customers making a purchasing decision. That’s why Shopify is thrilled to introduce Shopify Inbox (formerly Ping and Shopify Chat) to help you turn browsers into buyers using the power of chat.

Shopify have reimagined and simplified our messaging products so it’s even easier for you to manage customer conversations—from anywhere—and sell more over chat.


Streamline how you manage chat

Chat gives you a fast, personal way to connect with shoppers, meeting them where they are and guiding them from conversation to conversion. But with so many different channels, it’s hard to keep up with all the incoming messages and create a consistent brand experience across each one.

Shopify Inbox streamlines how you manage customer conversations from a single place. You can now customize your chat appearance, saved responses, availability, and more, right from your admin. There are also new conversation metrics to help you easily understand how chat impacts your business, so you can better plan for growth.

When you open up Shopify Inbox, you can get a snapshot of your chat performance, including your conversation volume, response time, and how many of those chats convert to sales.

Never worry about missing a potential sales opportunity. If you’re an admin, you’ll be able to see a real-time count of unread messages so you know exactly when to shift your attention from back-office tasks to the customer who is browsing your store.

Connect with customers in more ways

Your website’s chat isn’t the only place potential customers will reach out. There are so many channels for consumers to choose from—and as a business, you want to be everywhere your potential customers are.

Shopify Inbox makes it easy to extend chat to wherever people shop—and you can manage it all from one place. Quickly connect Shopify Inbox with popular messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, and—soon—Instagram. And because it’s integrated with Shopify, you can also send products and discounts from your store directly in chat—you’re just a few taps from turning conversations into checkouts.

Sometimes, you don’t need to or can’t have a live conversation. That’s why we’re giving you more flexibility to chat on your terms.

If you’re not available to live chat, you can automatically collect a customer’s contact info and then continue the conversation over email when it’s more convenient for you. You won’t miss an opportunity if a customer leaves your store or if you have to step away for the evening.

Prioritize the conversations that boost your bottom line

Chat is valuable for more than just providing customer support—it’s become a powerful sales tool. That’s never been more true than in the past year, when more retailers shifted online. During COVID, sales attributed to a chat interaction on Shopify increased by 339%.

When store owners engage in conversation with customers via Shopify Inbox, those customers are 70% more likely to convert. But prioritizing conversations where buyer intent is high can be hard. Shopify Inbox comes with rich data to help you close more sales. When customers start a conversation on your online store, you can get context on which items they have in—or have removed from—their cart, so you can anticipate potential questions and provide personalized recommendations.

Soon, we’ll also make it easier for you to identify sales opportunities right off the bat. Using automatic chat classification, you can instantly see what a new incoming message is about—be it sizing, inventory, shipping, or a past order. This at-a-glance information will help you prioritize the conversations most likely to lead to a sale and give you the context needed for a personalized shopping experience.

We’ll also surface these topics in your analytics. You’ll have the insights you need to understand what your customers’ most common questions are so you can optimize your FAQ, quick replies, and product descriptions accordingly.

The future of chat is with Shopify Inbox

Messaging is critical to your business. As more and more customers shop and interact with brands online, Shopify Inbox helps you unlock the power of chat as a powerful sales channel. Shopify Inbox makes it easier than ever for you to drive more sales, build strong customer relationships, and spend less time on support—all without leaving Shopify.

We’re excited to continue building more intelligence, insights, and sales tactics into the product to help merchants everywhere create personalized shopping experiences for customers, all inside of the conversation.

Get started with Shopify Inbox today!

SOURCE: Shopify - Annie Berrones - Shopify Content Expert

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