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How to integrate Zapper as a Payment Provider with your Shopify Store


How to integrate Zapper as a Payment Provider with your Shopify Store

July 31, 2020

What is Zapper?

Zapper for your e-commerce site means that new customers only need to scan a QR Code with Zapper and they’re instantly registered or logged-in. And then for payments at checkout, another Zap and they’re done. Quick and convenient for the user. Profitable for you. With Zapper securely passing the registration details from the customer’s profile, all you have to do is extend a warm welcome. No registration forms, no usernames, no passwords, no hassle. Just instant access to your site and more qualified sales opportunities.


The Zapper payment provider for Shopify facilitates easy payments by providing customers with an interactive dynamic QR code at checkout, allowing them to use the Zapper app to scan and pay for their order. Real time payment updates are pushed to the merchants store.


  • You the merchant must be registered as a Zapper Merchant to use the Zapper plugin in production.
  • You the merchant must have their Zapper Merchant ID and Site ID and POS (Point of Sale) token (can be retrieved at the Zapper Merchant Portal).
  • Installation

    The Zapper payment provider for Shopify is available via this link:

    NOTE: After clicking this link, you will be required to log into your Shopify store to install the Zapper payment provider.

    Zapper Payment Gateway Installation


    Navigating to the Zapper Settings

    Once installed, configure the Zapper payment provider as follows:

    1. Go to Settings > Payments
    2. Under "Alternative payment methods", click the "Edit" button next to "Zapper is active":
    Zapper Payment Gateway Installation

    NOTE: If Zapper is not listed as active, it may need to be activated by clicking on "Choose alternative payment" and then selecting Zapper.

    Configuring the plugin

    Configure the Zapper plugin as follows:

    1. Enter your Zapper Shopify ID in the format: {merchant_id}-{site_id}, e.g. 1234-5678
    2. Enter your unique POS Token
    3. Save updates by clicking the Save or Activate Zapper button.

    NOTE: The Merchant ID, Site ID and POS token may be retrieved from the Zapper Merchant Portal

    Zapper Payment Provider Configuration

    NOTE: Do not use the ID's in this example. Retrieve your ID's from the Zapper Merchant Portal

    Warning: Make sure to leave the Use test mode option unchecked

    Checkout and Payments

    This section describes the user experience when checking out and making a payment using the Zapper payment method.


    NOTE: Checkout page may differ slightly based on the Shopify theme.

    On Checkout the user will be provided with Zapper as a payment provider option. The following image is a snippet of the payment options on the Shopify checkout page:

    Zapper Payment Provider on Shopify Checkout


    The payment process is as follows:

    1. When a user selects the Zapper payment option and proceeds to complete the order, the user will be redirected to the Zapper payment gateway.
    2. The user will use the mobile app to scan the QR Code on screen and pay.
    3. On successful payment, the user will see a tick and then be redirected back to the store's default payment confirmation page.
    Zapper Payment Gateway Page
    Zapper Payment Gateway Page - Successful Payment

    NOTE: The order on the merchants store will automatically, be updated with payment complete.

    Snippet of Shopify Order Confirmation Page

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