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Honey Whale Success! uAfrica Shopify Meetup Summary

Honey Whale Success! uAfrica Shopify Meetup Summary

August 12, 2020

5 August 2020 Shopify Meetup hosted by uAfrica

On the 5th August 2020, the Honey Whale Team were invited by uAfrica to give a presentation online about Conversion Rate Optimization. We are glad to say that the Shopify Meetup went without issues (besides some connectivity problems) and was a major success! We were able to provide very valuable information to South African eCommerce Store Owners, and informed them that NOW is the best time to shift to online business. Brandon and Alistair of Honey Whale were excellent in responding to any questions raised during the meetup and assisted many individuals with bettering their understanding of what Conversion Rate is and how to optimize your online store to increase conversions in every aspect.

Click above to see the full Shopify Meetup Conversation

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