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Elementor for eCommerce; Our Favourite Features


Elementor for eCommerce; Our Favourite Features

November 11, 2021

eCommerce globally continues to rise and become more and more prevalent in retail trading. With outstandingly low and competitive prices and next (or same day) delivery options the industry has become too hard to say no to. More so, with flexible payment options like PayFlex and competitive rates from the likes of newcomer-to-the-block PayStack the industry is poised for more growth going forward. 

This week we wanted to highlight some of the features and benefits of our go-to Wordpress & WooCommerce page building tool, Elementor - a WooCommerce website builder.

Built in 2016, Elementor is a dynamic web page builder with powerful and robust eCommerce features. Elementor's eCommerce features include more automated and improved menu cart widgets and dynamic tags as well making it much easier to find any product through Ajax loading. As our tool of choice for WooCommerce, there are many reasons why it should be yours too. 

Drag-and-Drop Editor

One of the most attractive features that Elementor offers is its drag-and-drop page builder. For those who are new to building websites or for those who simply want to remove coding from the web-building process altogether, Elementor delivers. 

Using the Elementor page builder is easy and straightforward, and only requires a few clicks to get started. The Elementor page builder allows for live editing, allowing users the ability to make changes, edits, and updates on the fly and without accessing the backend of their website. As long as you are logged in as the admin of your WordPress site, you can instantly make edits and changes when browsing the front end of your website for instant updates. 

With the Elementor page builder, you can also import your own theme and design to integrate with your WordPress site. It is also possible to import your preferred theme or layout via a JSON file if necessary. When you have built a layout or theme that you wish to save for future use, you can also do so by exporting your theme with Elementor. 

Menu Cart Widget

What can be better than a pop out Menu cart for your users to improve UX and decrease load times. It's one of the most prominent parts of a modern ecommerce website. With its shopping list-like-feeling, the menu has been proven to be effective in both increasing conversions and improving overall user experiences. Not to mention it is immensely more convenient for your customers.

Also under the menu cart functionality, there is a completely small but handy cart icon available that allows users to see their cart summary. It's a hollow cart that can be used anywhere on the page to deliver an uninterrupted shopping experience.

Dynamic WooCommerce Tag

For our clients marketing campaigns, we ALWAYS choose to funnel traffic to a tailored landing page that furthers the user’s experience from the ad that was seen. The dynamic WooCommerce tag in Elementor is a creative way to advertise a dynamic product range on one of your landing pages. 

The product tag acts as an immediate connection between your page and WooCommerce products. Meaning no matter the changes you make on WooCommerce, they effortlessly appear on your landing page. Ensuring consistency across your brand, and of course - peace of mind. Using WooCommerce Dynamic Tags, you can now insert product components wherever you want on your website. On your home page, in a hero picture, or on its own landing page, the product can be shown, for example. Among products, dynamic tags will notify price, rating, and sale status in addition to the product's description and SKU.

AJAX Loading

Brands these days are all about telling stories, and with stories come content. ALOT OF CONTENT. As performance marketers, we understand the importance of optimizing your content and pages for both speed and UX. With AJAX Loading on Elementor, you can segment content to be loaded at different intervals of the user’s interaction with your site. Not only does this drastically decrease overall page speeds, but also leads to a more seamless user experience. 

With a choice to load more content from two pagination types: loading on click or infinite scroll, ensuring your brand’s story does not affect your site technicals and UX has never been easier. As the user goes down the website, the content continues to be loaded in the background. By clicking on a button, you can also load additional posts, giving the user greater control.

Form & Video Playlists

Email marketing is still a very effective method of direct sales marketing. We always say that your community for an ecommerce store is your email lists, because they are a great form of FREE direct marketing that converts! The MailChimp integration for the form widget on Elementor allows for a FULL data synchronization with your account. 

Need to embed videos on your pages? The Playlist widget now supports embedding films from Vimeo and YouTube

Now listen...

Creating a beautiful, modern, and easy-to-use eCommerce store with WooCommerce does not require years of studying programming or the help of a hired professional. With the use of Elementor, it is possible for just about anyone to build the online store of their dreams from scratch. So what are you waiting for? 

Check our Elementor, The WooCommerce website builder here:

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