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Data Whale Reports

Daily and Weekly, data-backed email reports that help store owners keep track of, and manage their store’s online performance.


DataWhale Reports is a one-click-install application that monitors your store’s daily performance and summarizes it for you once a day, week and month. The data is sent in an easy to read and summarized daily, weekly, and monthly email report with metrics like: *Total Revenue*, *Number of Orders*, *Amount of Visitors*, *Sales by Source*, *Top products*.

DataWhale Reports calculates all your store’s most important data metrics and send’s them to you in a convenient daily, weekly, and monthly report. The report can easily be shared among your team, business partners, and clients or simply add their email in the dashboard and we will send them the reports for you.

Track & Monitor your key metrics

DataWhale Daily sends performance and data-backed reports right to your inbox.

Understand & Focus on what's most important

DataWhale Daily summarizes all the key performance metrics and data into a conveniently designed report.

Make better informed decisions

Use your reports and insights to make more data-backed decisions regarding the performance of your store.





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